The Recipe Book


Fruit salad
Mexican corn salad
Potato salad
Roasted butternut squash salad
Romaine lettuce simple salad
Vegetarian salad


French baguette
Pita bread (oven baked)
Pita bread (stove top)
Steamed red bean buns
Zucchini bread


Butternut squash soup
Carrot parsnip ginger soup
Cream of broccoli cheddar soup
Roasted red pepper soup
Roasted tomato garlic soup
Vegetable soup
Vegetable stock – homemade

Other appetizers

Avocado bruschetta
Cracker pizzas
Deviled eggs
Ham and cheese pinwheels
Roasted cauliflower and avocado dip
Shepherd’s pie wontons
Vegetarian wonton cups


Apple fritters (oven baked)
Apple sauce
Cheese stuffed french toast sandwich
Cinnamon swirl raisin bread
Hash browns
Mini quiches
Oatmeal pancakes
Pear sauce
Poached eggs
Omelette – Miami Beach
Omelette – Mediterranean
Pancakes (sour cream)
Peanut butter and jam stuffed french toast

Entrees – Asian

Chicken fried rice
Omurice (Japanese rice omelette)
Pork cabbage and mushroom dumplings
Pork, chicken, and vegetable dumplings
Spinach noodles with pork and vegetables
Thai chicken and mango salad
Tomato fried rice

Entrees – Italian

Cheese stuffed meatballs with pasta
Chicken parmesan
Chicken parmesan 2
Chicken pizza
Eggplant parmesan
Ham pizza
Slow cooker chicken parmesan
Slow cooker turkey lasagna
Spaghetti and Chinese bbq pork
Stove top pizza
Supreme 6 topping pizza
Sweet potato gnocchi
Quick fix pasta


Cheese stuffed lemon turkey burger
Chicken burger
Chicken burger (2)
Mushroom swiss burger


BBQ roast beef sandwich
Chicken on a bun
Chicken and roasted red pepper sandwich
Chicken and spinach lettuce wrap
Chicken salad sandwich
Egg salad sandwich
Ham and egg sandwich
Ham and cheese sandwich
Meatballs on a bun
Pork and sweet potato sandwich
Pulled chicken sandwich
Turkey and egg sandwich

Other Entrees

Baked chicken wings
Baked salmon
BBQ chicken crepes
BBQ ribs and honey BBQ wings (oven baked)
Cabbage rolls
Chicken fajitas
Chicken fingers
Chicken pot pie
Chicken quesadillas
Easy pan fried chicken
Easy pan fried chicken (2)
Mashed potatoes
Mashed sweet potatoes
Mushroom spinach quiche
Pork back ribs (oven baked)
Pork patties
Pulled pork – barbecue
Pulled pork – smoky sweet barbecue
Ribs and vegetable slow cooker stew
Roasted cauliflower
Roasted eggplant
Roasted potatoes
Roasted red peppers
Slow cooker chicken meatballs
Roasted whole chicken
Stuffed bell peppers
Stuffed peppers
Vegetarian perogies


Apple yogurt cake
Strawberry checker cake


Almond raisin cookies
Apricot jam cookies
Chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate chip cookies (2)
Chocolate chip yogurt cookies
Gingerbread cookies
Half vanilla half chocolate M&M peanut cookies
Molasses ginger cookies
Oatmeal raisin cookies
Pumpkin butterscotch cookies
Sweet & salty peanut almond cookies


Almond cranberry biscotti
Apple cream cheese strudel
Apple pie pillows
Banana blueberry chocolate chip cake
Banana bread
Double chocolate cupcakes with peach jam filling
Lemon blueberry cupcakes
Lemon orange cranberry muffins
Mini strawberry swirl cheesecakes
Peach cobbler
Pumpkin bread
Red bean dessert dumplings
Red bean dessert rice cakes
Spiced apple cupcakes

Ice Cream

Peach cinnamon ice cream
Strawberry ice cream with chocolate covered almonds


Banana kiwi smoothie
Blackberry banana smoothie
Blueberry banana smoothie
Double berry smoothie
Raspberry banana smoothie
Strawberry green tea lemonade
Strawberry orange peach smoothie

How To

Melting and tempering chocolate
Piping a rose with frosting



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