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Thank you for visiting my food blog and I truly hope you get something valuable or inspiring out of my posts. Comments, recommendations, and constructive criticism are more than welcome via the comment box or my email: sharon [dot] ngo [at] bottomlesspit [dot] ca


I’m Sharon, born and raised in Toronto Ontario! Nice to meet you and glad you found my blog!

I hope it encourages me to keep my interest in food up and lively by posting my learnings, success, and failure in the world of cooking. Everything at Bottomless Pit is made from scratch. There is no cake mix, prebaked pie crust, store bought icing, pizza dough, or any other premade ingredients. All pictures taken, banner and site design (site template powered by WordPress) are customized and made by me, unless otherwise specified.

My dream job is to become a brand manager at a well known company in the food industry or at Walt Disney.

My life philosophy?

The sky is the limit for what you can do with your life – step up to the challenge.
You can become who you want to be – just keep trying.
Your imagination is more powerful than you think – make your dreams come true.
Shape everything with your attitude - it is always at your choice.

I love to see and experience new things!


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  • Lori Douglas says:

    I LOVE IT !! :) Your philosophy of life is awesome! I am definitely going to try out some of these recipes…glad ur having fun with it…

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