Iron Cupcake challenge!

I was browsing around on the Internet on food related sites and somehow came across a cute little website for a store in the west end of the city called For The Love of Cake. They specialize in custom cake and cupcake creations. Then I somehow landed on their blog and it mentioned some winners and runner ups and “people’s choice awards”…what is this about??? Long and behold, I read on and found out they are the host of “Iron Cupcake”

What is Iron Cupcake?

Iron Cupcake is a cupcake challenge open to the public which has a similar concept to that of Iron Chef. A “secret ingredient” is announced and the competitors must somehow incorporate it into their cupcakes. Cupcakes will be made ahead of time and brought in a finished state to the competition. There will be points awarded on presentation, taste and creativity.

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It seemed like it occurs on a monthly (or near monthly) basis but there wasn’t anything on the website for May and June. I emailed them anyway to find out when is the next challenge – September 2011! Apparently spaces are limited so I’ll be sure to check out the site as time gets closer.

I have never made a single cupcake in my life. I don’t even own a piping tip and what’s a cupcake without its fancy piped out frosting!!

Why am I so excited for this?

Well…I will learn and I look forward to participating! In the meantime, I think it’s a sign I should start testing out some cupcake recipes…


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